German Foreign and European Policy

The main entrance of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. The main entrance of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. (© AA) Here you can inform yourself on the principles of German foreign politics and the relations between Germany and Africa in general and Germany and Zambia in particular.

Sigmar Gabriel

Germany's Foreign Policy

German foreign policy has been marked by continuity during the last few decades. At the same time it reflects the changing world around us.

German Zambian Cooperation

Germany and Zambia

Germany has maintained friendly relations with Zambia since the latter's independence in 1964. Several visits of Heads of State and Government and high ranking delegations to each other document that very well. Zambia also plays an important role in Germany's development cooperation with Southern Africa. The principal objectives of the cooperation are reducing poverty, developing good governance and improving overall social and political conditions.


Germany. A Strong Partner for Africa.

Germany intends to remain a strong and reliable partner to all countries, working together to create a shared vision for the future of our world. Africa is a focus of German foreign politics. The promotion of Sustainability, Development, Security, Solidarity and Respect are key goal  for us.

Human rights Logo

Human Rights and International Law

Respect for and development of human rights are a key priority for the German Government. Germany's human rights policy in international relations has a concrete obligation: to protect individuals from violations of their rights and basic freedoms and to create a viable framework to ensure that suppression, the arbitrary use of power and exploitation no longer have a chance to flourish.

IFA - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

IFA - Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations

The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, ifa) is an organization operating worldwide to promote artistic exchange and dialogue between civil societies and to provide information about foreign cultural policy.

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German Foreign and European Policy

Das Europaparlament in Straßburg

The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sigmar Gabriel

Sigmar Gabriel

Strategy for Africa

The Federal Government’s Strategy for Africa: For Germany this highlighted the necessity to maintain and deepen old friendships, but also to make a concerted and conscious effort to establish new ones.

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