German Embassy provides humanitarian relief supplies worth 50,000 EUR

Ambassador and colleagues load the truck with relief supplies Enlarge image Ambassador and colleagues load the truck with relief supplies (© German Embassy Lusaka) On Thursday, the 30th of November 2017, a delegation from the German Embassy handed over humanitarian relief supplies for refugees from Congo, DR (DRC) in the presence of the UNHCR field team, the District Commissioner and the Council Chairman. At the hand-over ceremony in Nchelenge, Luapula Province, the supplies, which included mosquito nets, solar lamps, chitenge, children’s clothes and soccer balls worth altogether 50,000.-€, were received by representatives from the refugee community. Furthermore, 150 soccer balls were provided to the hosting communities in appreciation of their hospitality and willingness to help in face of the humanitarian challenges unfolding in the north of Zambia.

Handing-over of soccer balls to the DC Enlarge image Handing-over of soccer balls to the DC (© German Embassy Lusaka) The Nchelenge District Commissioner thanked the German Embassy for the donation. He said: “As a refugee-hosting district, we wish to applaud your gesture, which has recognized the need to support both the refugees and the Zambian community”. And, in the direction of the donor community at large, he went on to highlight: “As we assist the refugees, let’s also look at the host community, who also require various services. Such an approach will ensure there is continued harmony between the refugees and the Zambians in the surrounding community”.

Since the resurgence of the conflict in the DRC, 12,000 people have fled to Zambia in 2017 alone – of which 8,400 are currently accommodated at the Kenani Transit Centre in Nchelenge. 80% of the refugees are women and children - with a large portion of the latter being unaccompanied. The refugees report of lootings, killings as well as sexual and gender-based violence - these traumatizing experiences cause severe psychological distress amongst the refugees, especially the many women and children. Additionally, the health situation in the camp is tense with only one medical doctor attending to the many health challenges, including malaria, cholera, diarrhea and malnutrition, to name but a few.

Kenani Transit Centre Enlarge image Kenani Transit Centre (© German Embassy Lusaka) The Zambian Government and the UNHCR highlighted the unmet financial needs to ensure appropriate care and support to the refugees. Until now, less than a quarter of the financial requirements have been covered. Germany is the first bilateral partner to provide humanitarian relief supplies in face of the current influx of refugees from the DRC. Furthermore, the German Government has committed another 1,000,000.- € to UNHCR earmarked for the emergency response to the refugee influx from DRC in Angola and Zambia.

German Embassy provides humanitarian relief supplies

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