Zambian Minister of Justice Lubinda visiting Germany

From 8th to 15th May 2017 Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda visited Berlin in Germany on invitation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The theme trip took place under the topic of Media legislation and Access to Information.

Access to information for citizens and media representatives is a central right in a democracy. Only when this access is legally determined and practically granted the citizens of a country can evolve into responsible citizens who can form an opinion and participate in the democratic system based on balanced reporting and fact presentation.

In many African countries the legislation on Freedom of Information is advancing. The counties having integrated access to information into their legal framework has increased from 5 in 2010 to 17 in 2016. Zambia`s Freedom of Information Bill has not yet been passed by parliament. The Law has been negotiated in 2002 and has now been presented to parliament. Another “Access to Information Bill” is finalizing and expected to be passed this year.

  Lubinda visiting Berlin Enlarge image (© FES Berlin) The targets of the dialogue with the Minister of Justice were the following:

1. Increase information and knowledge on legislation on the Freedom of Information as well as the implementation in Germany

2. Exchange on Media Legislation with reference to governmental and non-governmental control of public and private media

3. Exchange on developments in International Criminal Law and the International Criminal Court (ICC)

4. Deepening of a contact network between politicians in Zambia and representatives of German political and civil society; discussing international cooperation

Lubinda visiting Germany

Given Lubinda visiting Germany