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Going to Germany? As a citzen of Zambia or Malawi you will need a Visa. This website will guide you through the application process and allow you to download the relevant application forms free of charge. You can even fill in the forms electronically prior to printing them.

You can also find information on the German citizenship, German passports, other legal matters and further consular services offered by the German Mission. 

Schengen Area

Visa - short term (Schengen)

According to the so-called Schengen agreement, a Schengen Visa entitles the holder to an accumulated stay of up to 90 days within a period of 6 months for 26 European Countries. 

Visa - long term

Stays in Germany exceeding 90 days per six months require a Long Term Visa, called D-Visum. The following pages explain the visa process for most purposes of long-term stays.

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The following webpages contain only the most important information about German passports and are meant for the very few German citizens who do not speak German. Please check the German version of this webpage for complete information about German passports.


Legalisation and Certification

By certifying a signature, the consular officer confirms that the person indicated in the document was physically present and signed it in front of him or her. It is a simple form of authenticating a signature.

Customs dog

Custom regulations

The importation and exportation of certain goods to Germany and the European Union is restricted and possible only under certain conditions. For some products absolute import and export prohibitions apply.

Consular Section


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Crisis Prevention List


Every German national residing, even temporarily, in the consular district of the Embassis may be registered on a Crisis Prevention List in accordance with Article 6 paragraph (3) of the German Consular Act.

As of now, registration will take place online using a password-protected website. Even if you have already registered, a new online registration is necessary, as the previous manually-maintained lists will be replaced by the new procedure. For more details click here:

Assistance in Case of Emergency

Krisenstab Auswäertiges Amt

We would like to provide you with information on how to prevent emergencies, even before the start of your journey to Zambia. In case of emergency the German Embassy is there to assist you within its powers.