Business and Science in Germany

Gläserne Manufaktur von VW Enlarge image (© picture-alliance/ ZB) Germany lies at the centre of Europe and offers excellent access not just to a prosperous domestic market of 82 million inhabitants, but also to the Common Market of the European Union with its 28 Member States and 500 Million people. Germany is Europe’s powerhouse, and globally it is the fourth largest economy.

Gross National Prduct (GDP) in 2014 stood at 3,341 Billion US Dollar (40,756 US Dollar GDP per capita). Germany is a fully developed, service centred economy; 71 percent of economic activity happen in the services sector. At the sime time, production and industry continue to be of prime importance and form the basis for Germany’s excellent reputation as an outstanding export nation: Anually, Germany exports products valuing approximately 1 trillion Euro, among them in particular technologically advanced items such as vehicles and parts, machinery and chemical products.

More than 10,000 foreign companies operate in Germany, with more than 2 million employees and an annual turnover of more than 750 billion Euros. Foreign investors and entrepreneurs see Germany as a prime location in terms of infrastructure, logistics, research and development as well as design. Especially when it comes to the the framework and the conditions for R&D, Germany scores high marks, which underscores the country’s high competitiveness with regards to future technologies.

The Federal Government's latest figures show a real GDP-growth of 1.5 percent for 2014. The unemployment rate is currently on a record low (Jan. 2015) ranging between 4.8 and 5 percent while inflation is below 1%.

On the pages below you can find information on the various fields of the German economy.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange, a traders universe

10 Reasons to invest in Germany

A number of recent studies underscore Germany’s strength as an investment location. We have summed up the reasons why YOU should invest in Germany

Windräder einer Windkraftanlage sind bei Bornstedt in der Nähe von Magdeburg...

Science and Technology

Germany is a land of ideas - Europe’s number 1 in terms of patent registrations - and among the most innovative countries worldwide. Internationally renowned institutions have made the country a hub of cutting-edge international science and research.

Container terminal Hamburg

Industry and Trade in Germany

“Made in Germany” is a seal of quality around the world and is associated with innovation, quality and cutting-edge technology. Germany stands tall and has established itself as "land of ideas" in the global economy.

German Chamber Network (AHK)

The members of the German Chamber Network, the AHKs, are present in all countries of particular interest for the German industry and commerce.

Johannes Kurt, the new representative of the office of the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce

Lusaka Office

The Chamber’s Lusaka office promises to be a powerful asset to German businesses looking to establish themselves in Zambia.

Logo Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI)

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) is the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. With more than 50 offices in Germany and abroad and its network of partners throughout the world, GTAI supports German companies setting up in foreign markets, promotes Germany as a business location and assists foreign companies setting up in Germany.


AUMA - Association of the German Trade Fair Industry

AUMA represents the interests of exhibitors, organisers and visitors to trade fairs. This is where you can find out about the products and services at trade fairs in Germany and abroad, tips to assist with your trade fair preparations and useful information on the industry. 


Head of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Section at the German Embassy Pretoria visits Zambia

Mr. Erik Schneider, Head of the Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Section at the German Embassy Pretoria, visited Zambia from 16.-19. February 2015. The main objective of his visit was to strengthen the cooperation between Germany and Zambia in the agricultural sector and to commence preparations for the official opening of the “Zambian-German Agricultural Knowledge Centre (AKTC)” in April 2015.

German Minister of Agriculture Schmidt with his Zambian counterpart Lubinda in Lusaka

Strengthened ties for modern and sustainable agriculture

At the International Green Week in Berlin German Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt and his Zambian counterpart Given Lubinda signed a declaration of intent for cooperation in the field of food and agriculture.

Business and Science

ThyssenKrupp Stahlwerk, Arbeiter mit Stahlrollen

German Business Circle (GBC) in Zambia

German Business Circle (GBC) Zambia

Business and Development

Jul 18, 2017 8:29 AM

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY makes strong, first showing at Africa Health 2017

The Export Initiative for the German Healthcare Industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, has attended Africa Health for the first time this year. The initiative's presence at the trade fair in Johannesburg, South Africa, reflects the growing importance of Germany's trading partners in Africa, especially in the area of healthcare.

Jul 18, 2017 8:29 AM

Cultivating environmentally friendly conditions for development – Clean energy for Rwanda

Set up and funded by KfW on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), rAREH (responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding) – a project development and financing company for energy projects – is building a 2.7 MW hydropower station in Rwanda.

Jul 11, 2017 3:55 PM

MoU signed by SA-German Chamber of Commerce and Ndola Chamber of Commerce

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGCCI) and the Ndola and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry at a mining workshop organised by the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGCCI).

Feb 16, 2017 11:57 AM

Building bridges for sustainable growth

How well German firms and African young professionals can work together is demonstrated by German-African initiatives in industry and higher education.

Feb 16, 2017 8:38 AM

Kenyan multimedia platform “Shujaaz” wants to change the way young people behave

The business with the hard-boiled eggs was one of the things that most impressed Rob Burnet. But more about that later. The Brit is the founder and director of “Well Told Story” (WTS), a Kenya-based company that produces a variety of media while at the same time pursuing sociological research. Funding for this research comes partly from Germany’s Hanns Seidel Foundation. Based in Karen, close to the capital Nairobi, WTS’ most important product is “Shujaaz” (“Heroes”), which Burnet describes as “a kind of interactive media platform for young people”.

German inventions

Turbine Maintenance

The printing press, gummy bears, computers, television, and MP3s are part of our daily lives. All these important innovations are German inventions.