Successful German-Zambian Intergovernmental Negotiations 2016

Abschluss der sambisch-deutschen Regierungsverhandlungen am 8.12. im BMZ Enlarge image (© BMZ) From the 7th to 8th of December 2016 bilateral negotiations on development cooperation between Zambia and Germany took place in Berlin. The German delegation was headed by Mr. Alois Schneider, the head of the Division for Southern Africa in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Zambian side was led by the Secretary to the Treasury, Mr. Fredson K. Yamba.
After open and constructive discussions Germany committed an overall amount of 97,5 million Euros for the implementation of development programs in the next two years. The Zambian Government will be supported in the areas of good governance (good financial governance, decentralization, political dialogue with civil society), renewable energies, water and sanitation, water resources management and climate protection as well as in the field of agriculture and the fight against malnutrition.
The German delegation highlighted the need of a systematic implementation of reform programs in Zambia in order to contribute to the economic recovery program “Zambia Plus”. It also underlined the importance of adhering to key democratic principles such as the freedom of press and the freedom of assembly in order to maintain Zambia’s good track record as safe haven of democracy in the region and safeguard the trust of foreign investors.